Have questions about what you need for an exhaust system? R.M. Flagg has the experience to help you. We install complete exhaust systems that include the fan, hood, and fire suppression system. We will work with you to figure out what you need for your specific location. We can help navigate through all the different options.

We work with Captive-Aire for our hood projects. Captive-Aire has a variety of options that will make your kitchen experience what it needs to be. Captive-Aire has all kinds of great options that include:

  • Make-up air
  • Heated make-up air
  • Digital controls
  • Custom sizes
  • Stainless steel end and top pieces
  • Ethernet capable diagnostics
  • Snap together ductwork

How much will a hood cost you? Every project is different, so it is hard to have set prices on hoods. Exhaust systems tend to be the most expensive piece of equipment in your kitchen.

On a budget? We can work with you to get the exhaust system into the price range you are looking for. Contact us or stop into the store so we can talk it through with you.


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