Ancient Grains for Modern Homes
Thursday January 25th 5:30 PM
Chef Rob Dumas
$39.99 per person




      This hands on class will expand our skill sets with techniques to prepare a variety of grains. The techniques we will cover include the following; polenta, risotto made with arborio rice, risotto made with farro ,a pilaf made with long grain rice and “super food” dish featuring quinoa. We will explore international influences as we prepare the various dishes. The dishes will be great to add to your repertoire of healthy recipes and techniques. The recipes will be friendly for vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free cooking. A light dinner will be served to complete the class.


      Chef Rob is from New Orleans Louisiana and he has been cooking professionally for 18 years. He is a Certified Executive Chef with the American Culinary Federation, earning that certification in 2011. Rob’s experience has taken him from the hot kitchens of New Orleans, to the tiny kitchen of a submarine, to the hallowed kitchens of The White House, to being an award winning educator at the venerable New England Culinary Institute in Montpelier Vermont. Rob has recently relocated to Maine to be closer to his family and to pursue a unique job opportunity with RH Foster. Rob recently accepted a position with RH Foster as the Director of their food brand Freshies. He has been charged with refreshing the brand, laying the groundwork for a new 30 seat fast casual food concept, and building out a commissary to support a return to scratch cooking and proprietary recipes. During Chef Rob’s time at the New England Culinary Institute he was responsible for the state inspected meat fabrication facility and become very proficient at poultry breakdown. He is excited to share his knowledge and help everyone become a better cook through learning technique rather than just following recipes.




Chinese Cooking Techniques for Chinese New Year
Monday February 26th, 5:30 PM


     Learn true Chinese cooking techniques from Chef Christine Chou. She will teach you the secrets to easy Chinese Dumplings, both pork and vegetarian. Chef Chou will also teach us how to make restaurant style vegetarian fried rice and an authentic stir-fry.


      Chef Christine Chou is a native of China, who learned how to cook from her grandmother in her native land. She has owned several restaurants here in Maine and is the current owner of China Garden in Old Town, Maine. Christine is a vegetarian with the health and well being of her customers in mind. In addition to her menu of delicious Asian specialties, she offers a wide range of vegetarian items for the public. Whether for health concerns or just a simple personal choice, her restaurants are more than willing to accommodate your needs.



Maine Heritage Specialities
Thursday March 22nd, 5:30 PM
$39.99 per person



Experienced Chef, Maine historian and Maine Secretary of State Matt Dunlap will be sharing the secrets of Bar Harbor Special (a variant of Lobster Newburg), Crabmeat Canoes (baked stuffed potato) and a variant of Caesar salad that is easily stored! The first two recipes are recipes that Matt will be sharing from the Maine Archives heritage cookbooks. This unique class is sure to be entertaining and delicious!


Chef Dunlap worked in the hospitality industry for nearly two decades, as a waiter, dishwasher, bartender and bar manager, and especially as a cook. Lacking formal training, Dunlap learned the cooking trade under legendary Bangor-area chefs Larry Adams (former executive chef of the Greenhouse and of University of Maine Dining Services) and Robert Marcoux, who was Dunlap’s first mentor at the range. In his work as a cook, Dunlap worked in numerous restaurants in the Bar Harbor and Bangor markets, and honed his craft as the lead cook under Adams at University of Maine.


Matt Dunlap of Old Town is best known today for his work in the political arena—both as a legislative committee chair and as Maine’s Secretary of State. Some are more familiar with his work in the outdoors as a sportsman and outdoor writer. But Catering Services. There, he researched and developed recipes and menus, and cooked for University guests including Tom Selleck, Johnny Cash, George Carlin, Ellis Marsalis, the President of Bulgaria, and first lady Hillary Clinton. His favorite dishes are derived from the Renaissance masters. While no longer a professional cook, Dunlap’s Sunday dinners have become a family institution, and he has cooked graduation banquets and wedding receptions as gifts for close family friends.